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This evening my Korean friends and I went for a swim in Mairangi Bay.

Afterwards we had a BBQ and I TV-surfed through Shine TV and Cartoon Network's Justice League: The Savage Time, episode #1 of 3.

This episode in the continuing struggles of Earth's mightiest D.C. heros was the show's obligatory foray into time-travel, and clearly owed some of its inspiration to Star Trek: First Contact and Sliders.

Tonight, they all (except Bats) get back to Earth at the end of some mission or other (it feels like a comicbook already) only for history to suddenly change on them. All of a sudden the Nazis won the second world war, and the show's regular baddie, Vandal Savage, is now in control of the present-day world.

After very slowly figuring out that Earth's history has been tampered with, someone actually asks "So how come we weren't affected?"

At this, someone else guesses "Maybe Green Lantern's special effect protected us." Yeah, Yeah that ought to do it. That'll stop them writing in.

They then meet the alternate Bats who, without any prompting, tells everyone that his parents were killed by stormtroopers when he was a kid. Inevitably they all decide to go back in time and put right what once went wrong, to which Bats comes out with "Wait! If you change history, then that means that my parents will still be alive!" Sigh...he just doesn't get it.

The effect used for travelling back in time is virtually, nay, TOTALLY the same as on Sliders, even in the way they fall out of it when they arrive.

World War II is a strange time. Giant metal machines roam the Earth, the evil Vandal Savage rules the world, and Adolf Hitler has been cryogenically frozen in a big glass tube.

Sadly, this was only part 1, so I'm left with the lasting impression that they got stuck in the 1940s and never made it back again.

Apart from the slow-thinking superheroes, I really enjoyed this. It was so in-genre.

7.5 out of 10. There ain't no Justice.

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