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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Steve: "Indeed, with Jesus Christ our sins are indeed Forgiven, Forgotten, Forever. That's Mike Bowling there. Er - it's 2005 as you probably noticed and er time for the end of the programme. Er, Steve Goble, thanks very much er for sticking with me for the last er ooh hour and a half I think it's been, hour and three-quarters, two hours even maybe! I don't know! I've lost all track of time because I've been er keeping such a close eye on it I think. Time to finish with a little bit of Bob Dylan as always. I should be back again in this seat er next Friday evening, so..."


"...all that really remains is for me to wish you a very, very, very happy new year. Er I hope it er brings all the things that er God has planned for you. It just remains for me to say - here's Bob Dylan and please remember, despite what he says, please do..."
Patrick: [SHOUTING] "It's your cab! It's arrived!"

Steve: "Thank you very much Patrick! My cab's arrived so I do have to go. All I have to do is say, please do - stay awake. Oh, and Bob Dylan's gonna add something to that. He says When You Gonna Wake Up?

Bob Dylan: [SINGING]"God don't make promises that he don't keep.
You got some big dreams baby,
But in order to dream you still gotta be asleep.
When you gonna wake up?
When you gonna wake up?
When you gonna wake up?
Strengthen the things that remain..."

(You can hear this clip here)

(post about earlier in the show here)

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