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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

After breakfast, Frank and Melva dropped me back at the backpackers, where Auckland Central was as deserted as a Godzilla movie. With half an hour to go until my morning shift began, I took the opportunity the photograph this, and, to my mind, the real reason why...


Despite the festive season, people were still coming and going from the hostel, although granted at a significantly reduced rate.

Yves, Mary, Sue (back), Miriam and Tiger.

There was a more high-spirited atmosphere amongst the staff this morning, and Yves and I spent quite a bit of time wasting time. Never has a disabled lift been the cause of so much merriment.

Christmas Yves.

Afterwards I kept my promise to Mickala, and chopped carrots with her in preparation for the hostel's big expensive Christmas meal that evening.

Following that I headed out to find the Auckland City Mission, who had informed me that in order to volunteer to help with lunch, I really only needed to show up. They were closed. It later transpired that their big Christmas dinner had actually happened over at Auckland Town Hall. This was a shame. I had really wanted to spend my Christmas Day giving something.

Instead I enjoyed lunch with my Korean friends at the Salvation Army, before heading down to Myers Park to read my Bible and pray. It was hot. It was sunny. Two Americans called Brett and Danielle were throwing a frisby back and forth, so I joined them for half an hour.

After that it was back to the backpackers again. Now let's see, God had given me free breakfast at Frank and Melva's, and a free lunch with the Koreans. Would he also bless me with a free evening Dinner to boot?

I went to the nightclub where the hostel's big expensive Christmas meal was to happen and spoke to the guy on the door. He asked me (as these people like to) "Is your name on the list?"

"No, but I work here, I just sort of assumed that I could come in."

"What's your name?"


I smiled. He grinned back. "I'm Steve too!"

So I ate yet again, and I got seconds!

On my right is an Irish guy called Denis, who deeply disagreed with various violations of human rights, such as having one's hand stamped.

Afterwards Mr Hippy rang and wished me a happy Christmas. We discussed Romans 14:13-23 (he's a vegetarian) and agreed to meet-up tomorrow.

It was an interesting Christmas Day, although one which still lacked what I really wanted to do, which was to serve in some way. Still, I couldn't complain. Having eaten out for nothing three times today, tomorrow I would be blessed in this way twice more, and then again on Monday.

I should have named this entry Christmas Stuffing.


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