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Tonight, one of my Korean friends had invited me over to meet his family for dinner.

Having no inkling why, and rather on autopilot, I headed over and was introduced to each one of them in turn. Oh dear, I'm not very good with names, even English ones.

Later, after a lovely dinner and conversation, Mr Korea spoke to me about London.

Mr Korea: "Arvrything in London is verrry peachy."

I thought for a second. Did he just say...?

Me: "I'm sorry?"

Mr Korea: "London. All the people there are verrry peachy.."

Me: "Errr, yes. I suppose they are. Well actually no, they're all very unhappy."

Mr Korea wasn't letting up.

Mr Korea: "They are so peachy. On the train, in the city. Everyone is peachy all the time."

Now things were getting surreal. I'd only been away for 5 months. Could things in London really have changed that much, or was Mr Korea actually talking about London in some alternate-dimension where everything was the exact opposite of our one? I asked him one more time.

Mr Korea: "Peachy! Peachy! Everyone is very peachy! It is pig peachiness to be in London."

I thought. Then it hit me. "Yes!" I gasped in realisation. "Yes, in London everyone is very... peachy."


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