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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

There was little talk of psychographics and formatics, but he did say he liked listening to the helicopter sketch on my demo tape. I'm glad this one recognised that it was indeed a sketch, although I'm disappointed that he didn't hand me the keys to the station's chopper. That could have brought his station a lot of publicity. (*choke*)

Afterwards I visited the New Zealand Film Archive, where there are loads of Kiwi films one can watch for nothing on VHS. I watched a claymation short from 1964 about cigarette trees growing on the moon, followed by most of Worzel Gummidge Down Under. All they seem to have done is spliced four of the TV episodes together and called it a movie, like they used to with the old Spider-Man films.

Confusingly, nearly all the actors used seem to be English, including the local Crowman.


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