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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

1. NZ is hot and sunny.

2. Emptied someone's trash the other morning and found an unusued Super 8 movie film mailer envelope! (I use these!)

3. HMS Pinafore has just transferred to the Civic Theatre one minute's walk from where I am staying. It's the same theatre where I saw those Buster Keaton flicks with the live orchestra recently. Guttingly, the UK tour's Colin Baker is no longer in the production, otherwise he might have, he just might have (i.e. never in a million years) been staying here, and I'd have got to take out his trash each morning. Instead his role has been taken by some newcomer calling himself Timothy West. I dunno – Colin always gets replaced! :)

I'm personally hoping that, half way through, Timothy West might turn to the audience and remark "Where does that music come from?"


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