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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

I have a lovely friend who I call Pizza Girl.

I call her Pizza Girl because she works at Pizza Haven around the corner from the hostel, and is always bringing free pizzas back with her after her shift. She gets these when people phone-in an order, but then never show up to collect it.

It occurred to me that, hypothetically, one of us could ring up an hour before the end of her shift, place a bogus order, not collect it, and then an hour later she could bring us home our free custom-made pizzas, but obviously I don't know of anyone who could ever even conceive of cheating the system that way.

Tonight, I was waiting outside the hostel for a lift from Mr Hippy, (as I shall now call him) when Pizza Girl turned the corner with a whole tower of pizzas! She's a lovely girl – cute, pretty, fun - but I guess I really like her for her pizzas.

She gave me three of them, and then, just when things couldn't get any better, Mr Hippy showed up in his ice cream van.

He drove me, with Pizza Girl's pizzas, to New Windsor to meet his friend Patrick.

Y'see Patrick runs a Christian music radio station from his house, and I was keen to get on the air again. The pizzas were a handy gift to take with me, until I learnt that Patrick was a vegan. Whoops.

Nonetheless a great time was had by all present, and Mr Hippy even opened-up his ice cream van for business for us all!

Free pizzas, free ice creams, and free radio – does my life get any better than this?


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