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With the end of my three months in NZ looming, colleague Leanne kindly insisted that I couldn't return to the UK without having seen Auckland's North Shore.

So it was a nostalgic evening, and reminiscent of my time down under in February / March, as I got shown around by a local, and once more got to listen to a kiwi girl's voice chattering a heap of Maori place-names.

The first point-of-interest was a lamp-post opposite Auckland railway station. And only a local could point this out. Can you see what we stopped to look at? The answer's in the picture. Clue: ho-ho, the shadow knows...

Next we caught the ferry across to the North Shore, taking some time to admire the Harbour Bridge (above, obviously) and other surrounding features such as Rangitoto Island.

One Red Dog in Takapuna provided the most awesome pizzas I've ever enjoyed. When their advertising describes them as "gourmet pizzas", they ain't jokin'...

Then it was off to see the city from a distance at night. Alas, vehicles aren't allowed to stop on the motorway, so I knew taking a time-lapse was never going to work...

North Shore: done!


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