Steve Goble

Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Everything in this photo, I got for free, including the bed.

I now have a NZ Fly Buys card (to use at New World supermarket), a VIP card (for money off backpacking things like transport and accommodation), an ANZ card for my NZ bank account, and this morning I received my One Card to use at Woolworths and Food Town. All this is in addition to my Subway card, on which I am collecting stamps for a free baguette (I found a free stamp in the internet café this morning). And people keep leaving free drink vouchers behind in their rooms, which I use to have orange juices with my free pizza on Wednesdays.

Tonight, in a moment of some irony, I got some sandwiches at the Kwikimart and gave them to a homeless guy.

Otherwise no news. No jobs have come up, so nothing is pending. I have some more applications to make this week, and then I’ll probably call it a day.

I’ve started taking driving lessons again, which seem to be going quite well, although learning to drive in a busy coastal city centre, with lots of ups and downs, is quite challenging.

Go God.


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