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I read TV Zone in Borders today. It has an item on the ATV series Timeslip from about 1970 - just as colour tv was coming in.

The first six episodes were set during world war 2, so they made them in black-in-white, probably in truth to save money. Then the rest of the series was made in colour, with the intention of selling the whole lot to America, who were into new colour shows.

Then there was a union strike. The union refused to let any of its members use the evil new colour tv equipment. So the final three episodes (set in the silver-costumed future of 1990) had to go back to being made on the old black-and-white equipment again. So the Americans never wanted it. So the second series was axed. So the series was wiped.

Today of course some of the episodes have been recovered. All except one of the recovered colour episodes now exist, you guessed it, only in black-and-white.


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