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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

When you run a bath, you want it to be hot.

Everyone loves a hot bath. That's why the hot tap was invented. Anything less, just doesn't satisfy us.

Equally, people hate a cold bath. You never hear anyone say "Boy, I've had such a day – as soon as I get home, I'm gonna run myself a nice, big, cooooold bath!"

They're two extremes between which, we as a society, have left no room at all to compromise. If some crazy fool comes between you and your freshly-run hot bath, what's the one thing that you always say to them? "I don't have time for thismy bath's getting cold!"

On New Zealand's South Island, they make an even bigger deal out of this, charging everybody to come and take their baths in their fresh HOT springs – outdoors! In public! Just in case you hadn't put those two facts together in your head yet, that means you're paying good money to take off your clothes outdoors... with complete strangers!

The rest of the world have cottoned-onto this madness too. Slovakia, Canada, you name it – wherever there's hot water, there's someone charging a lotta dirty people a lotta dirty money for it.

After all, only a fool would set up businesses hoping to charge people for taking baths in anything less.


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