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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Yes, I'm still in NZ, and, thanks to God's providence, still getting all my accommodation, food, phone calls and internet access for nothing!

For example, before I began typing this I exchanged a free drinks voucher for an orange juice in the bar downstairs. Since I have been typing this, someone has come up to me and wordlessly replaced it with 2 free drinks vouchers! That may sound a trivial example, but I really can't remember the last time I paid for food or drink, and I know I'm putting on weight.

Today I sat in on another radio programme, just to watch. I had been going to have a practice on some of their equipment, but their computers were going down. Interestingly, no-one there much liked the idea of having to go over to playing music from CD without the computer, whereas this is the only way I have ever made programmes!

This evening I was in the audience of the TV2 Christmas Special, recorded at St Matthew's-In-The-City Church. Presenter du jour Dominic Bowden was recording a special Christmas music show, featuring various well-known kiwi bands – such as Goldenhorse, Jamoa Jam, Adeaze, Amber Clare and Ben Lummis - performing carols in a church. It seemed alot like Later With Jools Holland. It'll be broadcast on Christmas Eve.

At the moment I may well miss it as I'm due to return to the UK on 19th December, but I might stay longer.

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