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With the Sky Tower lighting-up green like a Christmas Tree, I headed off to Auckland's Domain this evening for Christmas In The Park. It's a huge (10,000 people or something) summer-concert that they've been advertising over Queen Street recently.

While trying to find my way there, I happened upon another similarly lost soul who had left her buddies to go back to her flat for some shoes, I think. So Ginger and I explored our way towards the park, where we were greeted by the sound of one of the same bands who I'd seen at the recording of Dominic Bowden's TV2 Christmas Special at St Matthew's In The City church three days ago. I think it was Golden Horse.

Anyway, although we completely failed to locate any of Ginger's aforementioned pals, what we did see and hear of the concert was great, particularly the closing fireworks and I'm A Believer.

Nice to have unexpectedly made a friend for the evening too.

Santa, saving on costs this year by mowing down his public

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