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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Last August, the pastor at Edge Church, Greg, invited me for a coffee. Yesterday, we finally made it.

I had several things that I wanted to discuss with him, most of which we never quite got onto. We did of course discuss my impending decision about whether to spend Christmas here or back in the UK.

As we left the coffee shop, Greg kept repeating to me "So if I see you at church on Sunday, then I'll know that you stayed."

As in October, this was a tough one to call.

I've been here for 5 months, but in retrospect I don't think this will sound like much of an achievement. Things seem to be just working out regarding proper Christian employment prospects, so to return home now could be giving up on God's apparent path for me.

On the plus side of course, I'd get to see my family and friends. But after a few days, I'd be philosophically back where I started - out of work and wishing to be back in New Zealand.

Last night I was about to go to bed when I spotted that the stairwell door was open. Inside I found Mickala and Tara, having a drink and a girlish laugh. Of course they urged me to stay. Mickala was quite definite: "You'll chop carrots with me, won't you? On Christmas morning, you and me, we'll chop carrots together for the special Christmas dinner." But the truth was, friends as they are, it really didn't make alot of difference to either of them.

After my show on Hope City FM tonight, I returned to ACB and rang up Air New Zealand. I spoke to a girl called Ala, and moved my flight back again to next year.

Christmas, for the first time, would be without my family.

After all, if I could stay away for Christmas, then I really would have left home.


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