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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Two months ago, on November 1st, I was at the Christian Resources Centre asking Bogdan a question. I wanted to try out a new daily Bible-study guide, but couldn't decide which one. One of the options Bogdan presented me with was the November/December edition of Selwyn Hughes' Every Day With Jesus, this edition entitled God's Path Through Pain. It looked relevant, it looked easy to read, and the daily passages began that very day, so I bought it.

2 months later, I'd like to sum up the book's conclusion:

"In order to stop walking according to the sinful nature and start walking in the Spirit of God we must listen to what our pain is telling us and let Him lead us along the path to life."

However I don't think God's life lessons are about learning a convenient bite-sized quote, but about developing a new general attitude to a subject. One could read the above quote every day for 2 months, but after the first week it would appear shallow and meaningless. Following a series of related daily Bible-readings for 2 months though, enables one to absorb the answer and to become it.

I think I prefer the gym analogy.

Throughout 2003 I regularly lifted weights, did aerobics, and stretched, despite the anguish it would cause me at the time.

As a result, today I can lift heavier objects. And run without losing my breath. And dance. And do all sorts of things better.

Today in my life, I am finding it very tough to trust God each day, which causes me a different sort of anguish. However I know that this is developing a stronger faith within me for God to use in the future.

What the book doesn't address of course, is that we don't have any record of Jesus going around inflicting pain on people to 'help' them. Neither do we have any record of Him allowing people to continue in their suffering - He was a healer.

And if God can do anything, then he certainly doesn't need pain to help him. Maybe pain is therefore a consequence of our choice to live imperfectly.

Selwyn Hughes
Selwyn Hughes is extremely easy to ready - I'd certainly recommend Every Day With Jesus. 8.5 out of 10.


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