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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Last night I was reading my Bible in the kitchen when a Korean girl called Mi (pronounced "Me") came up and asked if she could join... me. So Mi and me sat together and tried not to become an Abbott and Costello routine.

"Who are you?"
"Me? Oh I'm Mi."
"You're me?"
"That's right."
"But I thought I was me."
"No, I'm Mi. I guess you must be Mi too."
"I'm me #2? You're crazy - You need a coffee."
"I'll just go get me one."
"You're getting me #1? So if your friend is me #1, and I'm me #2, then that must make you me #3!"
"I don't know, what do you want to ask me for?"
"Me #4??? Just how many of me are there?"


Anyway, Mi and me talked a bit about Christianity, and in particular about baptism. She said that she'd never believed in God, but her boyfriend had taken it very seriously. Then one day he'd suddenly died. Ever since, she'd taken Jesus more seriously, and was currently taking a course prior to being baptised. I told her that in Heaven, her boyfriend would be very pleased about this. She said that it was the first anniversary of his death, and that she was about to go and telephone his parents, but just didn't know what to say. That was when she had seen me, reading my Bible.

This morning, after she had left to go home to Korea, I returned to the kitchen to find this sight awaiting me:

Inside was some bread, muesli bars and chocolate spread, along with a postcard saying how happy she was to have met me.

I felt very happy to have met Mi too.


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