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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Went to see around a Bible Study School. It's very nice. There are no course fees, and the emphasis is on being taught by the Holy Spirit, rather than by people.

Met a Bristonian guy called Lenn, who lives on-site in a caravan. He told me that the college's teaching was too basic for him, and thrust a book at me that he said was more his level.

I flicked through said book and read that, before conception, each person meets with God to plan their entire life. This plan is then stored on a scroll in a giant domed library. This is why sometimes people will dream that they are in a giant domed library reading about their future, but upon awakening can never remember what their scroll said. (as remembering the future is not allowed)

This book went on to detail how someone had been tape-recorded during a hynotically-induced out-of-body experience, in which they visited said library and met with someone who worked there, whose voice came out on the tape.

This is fascinating stuff. I'd love to write a story about this idea, in fact in the 1980s I remember reading a Doctor Who tale along these very lines.

Just imagine working at such a library of scrolls, chronicling everyone's life. How much would you be paid to do so? What would the currency be outside the universe? In fact, why would anyone be motivated by money, unless fairness and society broke down without it?

No, there wouldn't be money. That worker must have been a volunteer. So where does everyone else volunteer? At shops? At factories? Do they hate Mondays too? Maybe everyone else lives a life of luxury, while this poor mug slaves away in a library that only gets pretty well no visitors.

Does she ever misfile stuff? Consequently, do people ever wake up one morning to find they're living someone else's life? Are they looking to eliminate these faults by computerisation? In fact, why have a building for the library - why not just one computer? Or just one mind to remember it all? I suppose that would be God's mind. Yes, that's right, God doesn't need to keep records. Maybe God imagined the library.

Or maybe the author of this book did.

At any rate, we can only wonder what was in the coffee God and Hitler enjoyed as together they plotted his torture of the Jews.


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