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I doooooooo...
So Jamie and I were at the Kwikimart, when Jamie spotted a load of chocolate muffins in the bin. They were all wrapped-up in plastic, and perfectly edible, but the local Apu had chucked them for being out-of-date. So we asked him if we could have them, and Apu enthusiastically agreed, giving us some outdated Cadbury's Snowflakes and Yoghurt into the bargain. We left the shop with a nice bulging Kwikimart carrier, stuffed full of goodies, and the cheery cry of "Thankyou! Come a-gain!!"

We were looking forward to our free lunch back at ACB, when I pointed out that, just as we had received such delights out of nowhere, by the time we made it back we might not still have them. But what were the chances of that? ACB was, after all, only 2 minutes walk away. What could possibly happen to us in that short walk? Then, as we walked, Jamie uttered the words I could not forgive him for. "Please God, show us who to give these to."

Tramp. 20 seconds.

10 minutes later we sat back in my room at ACB, eating jam and cheese sandwiches, really wishing that we still had our chocolate muffins.


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