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Yesterday was Mum and I's final full day of our holiday, so with a big journey home looming, we decided to spend this penultimate day resting in preparation.

So we whiled away the day playing Scrabble (won one game each), running down our stock of food (Captain Iglo's veggie balls!), and generally pottering about.

In fact, as we spent the whole day on site at Le Pas Opton holiday camp, this post seems like a good opportunity to collect together some of my photos of the site...

Lastly, above is the view from our accommodation before our departure this morning. We spent alot of time looking out at that sunny tree, and on this final morning of the trip it's a little allegorical to see it becoming shrouded in mist.

As Le Pas Opton's final two guests of the 2013 season, Mum and I have both had a lovely time here, and as a result would certainly recommend a Spring Harvest Holiday. The pictures above tell something of the place, but in the emptiness of the close of the season, it could all have seemed quite lonely, without such friendly staff.

Upon our arrival ten days ago, we were presented with a complimentary bottle of wine, before Simeon and Alison each went looking for an additional heater and other supplies for us. As our stay got going, the bar staff made us meals that were just not on the written menu, and let me recharge my phone from their USB. Reception phoned for taxis for us, and when they couldn't find any, someone would drive us to where we were going themselves. When we were the only two holidaymakers left on the campus, the morning Bible study was still run, just for us! Yes, while we were there, they certainly did know all their guests by name...

Le Pas Opton may well be the name of a place, but just how much of what a place means is shaped by its people?

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