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I needed more local currency, but to get it I had to ask in the bank pictured above, because I didn't know the French word for bureau de change.

Afterwards I asked the teller where Le Jardine des Olfacties was. He pointed behind me and out of the window at the opposite building also pictured above. Oh. Yeah. I didn't see that there.

(stoopid tourists!)

Um... let's begin this post again...

'Le Jardin des Olfacties' seems to translate most straightforwardly as 'The Garden of Smells', or as the holiday camp staff are fond of calling it, 'The Smelly Garden'.

It's a small building on the main road (D2006) through the small French town of Coëx, opposite the bank, and nestling between a church and the nearby estate agents.

Somehow it also hides a back garden that covers five hectares.

Yes, five hectares of plants, from all around the world, that we paid to go in and spend the afternoon sniffing.

Along the way we bumped into a couple from our camp who offered us a much cheaper ride home than the taxi we had booked. We turned them down. This was one long sunny afternoon that we were definitely not looking to hurry...

(loosely) 'Love without confidence, is like a flower without scent.'

And finally, we finish today's programme with a quiz question:

Don't phone in - it's just for fun!

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