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What goes on in a holiday camp when it's empty?

Yesterday, for the first time, Mum and I actually made it to the campsite's morning Bible study meeting.

The speaker - Tim - was talking about the book of Exodus, and the Torah came across as a favourite topic of his. Among other things he contended that God's long-winded and detailed instructions for the building of the tabernacle were a means of promoting the builders' diligence toward Him.

There were about seven of us present, all but two of whom completed their holiday straight afterwards.

Seriously, when Tim had finished, all of the guests except us left and went home. All of them. Apparently the spectre of Mum and I's potentially attending tomorrow's Bible study as well proved that much of a demotivator for them.

So, alone in a desolate campsite that normally has a capacity of 1,100, I suppose Mum and I should really have run amok all over the grounds, taken advantage of the more expensive accommodation's facilities, and generally played football wherever we shouldn't.

In practice though, we just went out the front of our cabin, and set up our Scrabble board.

Well, it was sunny.

Come afternoon though, then it was definitely time to explore unknown territory, and see what we could find!

There's an old ministry proverb that says 'Never call anything off due to lack of numbers.' Bearing this in mind, I have to say how impressed I am with the camp's work ethic here. All day long, the swimming pool remained heated, just in case we feel like a dip. The little shop remained open, just in case we feel like buying a postcard. The following morning the daily Bible study was still run, just in case we felt like getting up in time again.
Which we did.
However after today's more personal exploration from Tim (touching upon how God reveals his character), our decadent bubble was burst. New guests would be arriving today, enough of them to actually double the site's holidaymaking population. Our fun was curtailed, but we knew exactly what to do.

At lunchtime we went into the deserted bar to order 'this week's special' (scrambled tomato omelette), and then afterwards we sat in the bookshop playing Scrabble. (this time with the camp's own set, which was missing a G, which changes everythin)

Presently, Philip and Annette would of course become great neighbours (next door at no. 89), so long at they didn't mind the pool having now had its heating turned off due to lack of use.

Perhaps we should have played a game of Scrabble in there.

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