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Lately, I have been repeatedly woken up in the middle of the night by a ghost.

It can happen at any time, but whenever it does, I'm jolted bolt upright in my bed by it.

There's a knocking, a really really LOUD knocking eight or nine times, on my room door. It's one sharp rap, followed by several smaller ones, in rapid succession. I always assume it's my mum, so I leap out of bed and open the door, only to find the living/dining area outside empty, and in darkness. My mum asleep in the far room.


As this afternoon I took a bundle of photos of the cabin (so no need to race about doing this on the last day of the trip, just for a change), perhaps this is a good juncture to show you around our accommodation. (we booked a Firgrove, but I think they gave us an Ashglade)

Pay close attention now, for one of these nine images contains the solution to the mystery...

(and yes, there is also a toilet, unpictured)

Well, I think I've solved the mystery now. If you have too, then well done!

No, it's not the restless spirit of a holidaymaker from yesteryear who got lost at Nantes station and never got to check-in. Nor of the King whose command to his horse while crossing the River Vie years ago gave this area its name. Or even the sound of a tiny spider banging its legs against my eardrum.

No, it's acorns falling from the oak tree outside and bouncing onto the hard roof at 3AM.

Didn't see that coming, or indeed them.

I wonder what bizarre rationalisation the acorns come up with to explain the weird lack of soil beneath them?

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