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We asked the barman to call us a cab, however when he couldn't raise anyone on the phone, he drove us there himself.

Hey, there were only two other guests on the campsite remember.

Mum and I had passed through the town of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie (it has hyphens on the map) once before, when we had arrived here on day one. Back then it had been dusky, and empty of nearly all forms of life. This afternoon however we decided to give the place another chance. This time it was broad daylight. This time there were crowds. This time the shops were open, including several selling camera film!

Time to really start taking pictures then...

At one point I saw a bespectacled man wearing a horizontally striped jumper and carrying a cane crossing the road, which was very brave given how hard he was to spot.

As Simon the barman returned to collect us once again, Mum and I had enjoyed a very nice afternoon, mainly around the Rue de Général de Gaulle. The benches there had been a downer, many of them missing backs, but eventually we realised that we could just sit on opposite sides back-to-back to each other.

Well, when I wasn't leaving Mum behind at a coffee shop reading a book while I went off to the supermarket to buy food anyway...

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