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Yesterday was Sunday.

Our 1,100-bed holiday camp still contains a total population of four guests.

Well, you'll never guess what they had on the agenda for all four of us to do today...

Yes, you did read that right - a church service, and a 'Street Party'!

I have to admit, I was rather looking forward to this. Heckling the preacher seemed like it would be a less risky option than usual. The Peace ought to go a lot less awkwardly. And at the subsequent campus-wide Street Party, for the first time in my life, I would actually stand a chance of winning any apple-bobbing contests.

In the event however... whu? Where did all these people come from???

It turns out that since this Christian holiday camp holds a church service every Sunday morning, there's a whole bunch of locals from the surrounding area who like to regularly attend it. As a result this morning Tim found himself leading a communion congregation of 16 including staff and significant others - a figure arguably unheard of since Mum and I's arrival almost a week ago. I wonder if their cel group(s) are even larger?

Afterwards the Street Party became more realistically just a bunch of us lounging around having dinner in the gorgeous sunshine. For much of the past week there really has been not a cloud in sight and this afternoon, well, such a deep blue sky really could not be wasted when just beneath it was...

... the camp swimming pool!

Oh the heating may have got turned off on Friday, but fortunately no-one had thought to do the same with the sun. It was time to splash, bounce and generally get our hair wet, before retiring to some actual loungers for some strawberry chocolate meringue Cornettos!

Afterwards we returned to our regular cabin and attire for another game of Scrabble out the front (very slow - so many vowels went early on), and then after tea a short walk beneath the still-cloudless starry sky.

An ideal way for the camp's official summer 2013 holiday season to end.

Come this morning, our neighbours Philip and Annette at number 89 bade us farewell to continue their European journey home. Although the holiday camp is now officially closed, Mum and I have booked our cabin privately for a further three nights until Thursday. We seem to still have the run of the site, despite the bar no longer being available to specially cook dinner for us each day.

Not that I think we need it. For this morning, before they left, Philip and Annette were kind enough to donate all their spare food to us!
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