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The Miracle Maker
Part cartoon, part model-work, The Miracle Maker tells the story of Jesus far better than any live-action version I've come across.

Sure, it's a little difficult to get into. Little models are always difficult to tell apart at first, and I've never understood why the gospel is so often filmed in a confusingly non-chronological order.

However all that aside, as I watched this I had to wonder why someone hadn't just taken the exact same script and filmed it in the traditional way using actors. Jesus comes across as an ordinary man who believes he has a ministry to be a great friend to everyone. He's absolutely inspiring. Part of me wants to give up everything and go do likewise, which indicates that the writer, whatever his belief, really got it right.

Also, in adapting such an episodic account for a film, many of the characters' backgrounds have been fleshed-out, and their meetings with Jesus foreshadowed, in a very believable way.

I particularly liked the 'mad' character, and all of Peter's arguing, although I did think he gave in and went fishing a bit too easily.

I don't watch many films twice, but I think this will be one that I do.

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