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It's about time
I have at last finished reviewing every book of the Bible.

I finished reading it for the first time on 12th March this year, but then I finished reading it in 44 days on 25th April. Then I had to go back and re-read much of it to review the books that I hadn't had time to, which meant re-re-reading the last one (Deuteronomy) yesterday and today, and then trying to find something to type about it.

The even crazier thing is, re-re-reading the last dozen or so books to review has put my blog-writing so behind, that the day on which I'm typing this review of completing my reviewing is actually 21st May.

And the day on which I'll publish it (going to leave a blank space for this to be filled in later when it happens as I type these words now) will be 4th September!

All of which bizarrely demonstrates what I've come to suppose about God and time as I've written these 66 books up on this blog.

I don't think that God has created an actual thing called time, but I do think that he can see every event in history. I think he can do this by simply remembering everything, and keeping his word.

Can we do that as well?

There's the past, the present, and the future.

We can see the past now, by remembering things honestly.

We can see the present now, which I'm doing now at 2:14am on May 21st 2008.

We can see the future now, by planning it now, and later being faithful to those words.

With a bit of organisation, I can book a doctor's appointment in my recent past, and then attend it about 8½ hours from now.

Well of course I can - that's been my plan from the beginning.

Of course, I get the past wrong when I lie or mis-remember something, and the future wrong when i break my word, or plan badly. (I'll change that 'i' to a capital letter later)

And there are other people making plans now too of course, and I can't see that part of the present, so I can't see the futures that they're planning. But God can.

However I do think that much of the future that God plans is dependent upon us being honest and keeping our word.

When we stop keeping our word, and change our future from the future that we had earlier planned, then I guess that our future changes. Perhaps partly because we've changed our minds, but maybe also because God changes his mind about what to do in the future too. Sometimes.

I expect to edit this ramble before I publish it.

There, I did. (badly)

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