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Oh maaaan, it’s all becoming like new Doctor Who again…

Jack’s new back-story from Small Worlds is forgotten and replaced with a new one again. Then there's the remote coincidence of Jack meeting the man whose identity he stole, (so much for his earlier flashback to that life) the ignorance of why on Earth he would have stolen someone’s identity in the first place, let alone that of a dead man in another country entirely, or whether he had some dealing with him the following day, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, they’re returning to their old folly of forcing a word into the background again…

Oh yeah, and Jack actually falls in love with himself.

Did no-one on this science fiction show notice that they could have had a story about time-travel here? Well, let's hope we only have another seven episodes until all this is forgotten again too.
The Two Doctors, but even worse...

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