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It’s back to the 1980s with a story so silly it must all be a parody… mustn’t it? I was laughing out loud, but I'm honestly not sure if I was supposed to be.

Minnie Mouse is updated for today's hip generation
Iantis is in love with a woman who’s half-female, half-cyber(wo)man. Despite the mad premise, the guy in question – Gareth David-Lloyd – plays the whole thing straight, and it’s achingly funny as a result. It’s even pretty much all in studio, and the doofy-filmic-effected videotape makes the whole thing look like some freakish cross between a sitcom, Neverwhere and the Colin Baker years.

And how can you not laugh when they’re coming out with Homerisms like:

Iantis: (sobbing)”I have nothing left to lose!”
Jack: (encouraging)”There’s always something left to lose!”

I think the author threw all caution to the wind with this one, and kudos to him for doing so, and keeping the dialogue so straight. What a disaster it could have been with actual jokes.

Gwen, like Rose, is now flirting with and kissing just about anyone behind her boyfriend’s back. I really don’t like her at all. I mean who would? Certainly not Rhys. Nothing to identify with or aspire to there, just like with Rose.

I guess that's why she didn't just hide in a separate compartment.

No explanation for why the Cyberwoman wasn’t swept into the void at the end of Doomsday either.

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