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*** CONTAINS SPOILERS ***One daaay, I shall come back
What a rushed ending. Lots of factors from previous episodes are brought into play together here, but we’re still suffering attempts to mimic the worst aspects of new Doctor Who. It’s another very public invasion, complete with TV parodies, and it gets forgotten almost as soon as it’s started. Did I understand this right? Did Jack really order all five of them to round-up every single historical interloper from all over the world in a few hours and incarcerate them in the Hub?

It's Twinkle the giant kitten from The Goodies
We’ve even got that teenage cliché of borrowing evil from other sources but forgetting all the baggage that goes with it. Even if ‘Abaddon’ really were just a big snarling monster, he's not really in the same predicament as he was in The Satan Pit.

The unstoppable force meets the unmovable object, as Jack is killed, even though he can’t die. This is a great final showdown, although, as in episode 1, there is still no explanation for Jack’s knowledge of when he acquired his invulnerability.

I also liked the final scene, in which we find out just whose disembodied hand Jack has been keeping on his desk throughout the series, and the Doctor, for reasons as usual unexplained, returns to pick him up again, but only by implication.

Well, they should be having quite a good old chinwag in the TARDIS. After the last 13 divergent episodes, there are quite a lot of things they must now disagree on...

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