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Tosh getting a hand
Right from the title, this was riveting. An original story, with plenty of deep character scenes, and exposition delivered as clearly as possible. The old reliance on swearing to show a character’s anger is replaced by their having to make tough decisions, and as a result the way they all hate each other, if you’ll excuse the expression, just comes alive. Jack’s determination to kill Suzie is something you know he’ll do, not out of spite, but because he knows he has to. And when the moment comes, he does. Without hesitation. For one episode only, the BBC was making science-fiction again. This was the more thoughtful show that Torchwood might have been.

Right up until that tacked-on line about the creature in the darkness anyway. I don't know what Ianto’s ill-fitting exchange with Jack in the final "back to normal" scene was about, but back to normal for this show usually means yet more sex. After all, this would mean that the entire cast had now been given bisexual material.

With no other sexual orientations to reveal, next week they might actually have to fill-in with some science-fiction again. Yay!

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