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Dear Nephew Go-bro.

This week, I’ve been in London, England, Outer Space for about five and half days so far. I must admit that London started getting me down halfway through day one, what with the grey day, rain and traffic fumes, ergh. Being down did help me to blend in with the local silly creatures though, who all look as depressed as I felt. But something happened on day two that brightened me up a little. Walking past a local store I saw an advertisement for a chance to win a trip to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! All I had to do was buy a chocolate bar and hopefully find one of five golden tickets that had been hidden worldwide. Well, you can imagine my delight! When I was growing up back in the rock, we weren’t allowed chocolate or candy so a chance to see Willy Wonka’s seemed like such a wonderful thing – especially in the midst of dull grey wintry London Town.

So - I popped into the store and rustled together my last 49p and bought a Wonka bar. I was a little afraid to open it at first, I didn’t want to dash my feeling of hopeful anticipation. So I wandered around for another hour or so, and then finally, when I couldn’t hold it any longer, I sat on the steps of Trafalgar Square and slowly tore open the corner of my chocolate bar wrapper and... there was no ticket! I was disappointed, huph, but figured that there were still plenty of good things in the world so quickly ripped the rest of the wrapper off to eat my chocolate as comfort food. And as I took the bar out what do you think I saw?!? A golden ticket! I had accidentally opened the wrong side of the wrapper and had not seen it until the bar came out. I was so excited (as you can see) that I gave a big hug to the nearest silly creature – who happened to be a Spanish tourist with a camera. So we shared my chocolate bar together, and he took this photo of me with my ticket against the darkening London skyline.

Now I eagerly await in anticipation for my trip to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory next Tuesday. I hope I’ll get to meet some oompa loompas and maybe even Charlie Bucket. I will send you some of the chocolate I get with my next postcard. (providing New Zealand Immigration allow it in of course)

Love your Uncle Travelling Jesus.

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