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“Weird Al” Yankovic has released some amazing tracks in his incredible long career. The spot-on Can’t Watch This, the charming Frank’s 2000” TV, the wild Everything You Know Is Wrong and of course my personal favourite – the entirely honest Bohemian Polka.

His videos too, betray a huge enthusiasm for fun. Smells Like Nirvana simply has too many sight-gags to be the work of someone just doing it for the money.

“Weird Al”’s brand of non-patronising family humour isn’t for everyone of course, although for my money he hits more times than he misses. And there’s no denying that over the years he’s stuck at what he does, without falling into the trap of repetition.

Now, after 25 years, he’s just released what could be his finest most intricate gag-packed work yet - White And Nerdy. This one’s so crammed with jokes that it stands-up extremely well to repeated listening, and the video just keeps hitting good nerves again and again and again.

So after so long in the business, how can his work just keep on getting better? Weird Al proves that the rest of us have no excuse for conceit.


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