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At church, we’re doing a series on advent at the moment, which has somehow resulted in Jacob, Jonathan and myself all collaborating on a series of Fraggle Rock-esque postcard sketches about “Uncle Travelling Jesus.”

Tonight’s episode was about peace, and just a tad topical…

(and yes, it is supposed to be just one still picture with a soundtrack)

"Dear nephew Go-Bro,

Well, it hasn’t all been smiles and hugs here in Auckland, New Zealand, outer space.

When I arrived, it seemed like the whole city was up in arms – something about a stadium for a sport the silly creatures call “rugby.”

I asked around a bit and scoped the situation and finally managed to get the two key players in a room together.

After some tense discussion, anger and fisticuffs, tears and hugs, we managed to agree to disagree.

Remember: different isn’t bad… it’s just different.

Love your Uncle Travelling Jesus."

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