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"I plugged my video-camera into my television set so now I get 24-hour reality TV. Everytime I get up something happens." - Jamie

It was another great night of comedy at The Irish Society, courtesy of Edge Church's youth division Momentum.

Dave Wiggins
Unlike at the Comedy Club last month, all 5 of these guys really hit the mark, particularly American Dave Wiggins (above), the one hosting the whole thing. His final bit was to compare doing a comedy show with performing at a rock concert, particularly noting how rock artists are actually expected to repeat old material.

Amongst these geniuses were 2 old friends - Hiroshi and Jamie.

Hiroshi: "I get asked alot Hiroshi - are you from Hiroshima?"

Jamie performing at The Irish Society in Auckland
Jamie: "I like that warning on the start of Gran Turismo that says In real life players are advised to always drive carefully and signal all turns. I think it should read In real life players are advised not to go into a hairpin bend at 300kph."

But for me the best punchline came from Sasha on the ticket desk.

Me: "How much is it to get in?"

Sasha: "2 dollars."

Me: "I haven't done a day's paid work for over a year now. Can you let me in free?"

Sasha: "Ohhh, I'm sorry. I can't."


Sasha: "Actually, someone's already paid."

Yes! As Jamie would say, give the glory to God.


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