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'Kidnappers' who stole a Dalek from a Somerset tourist attraction have sent its owners a ransom note - and the robot's amputated plunger.

The 5ft model, believed to be an original from the cult BBC Dr Who series, was taken from Wookey Hole Caves near Wells on Monday.

On Thursday, staff found the plunger arm and a ransom note on a doorstep.

The note read: "We are holding the Dalek captive. We demand further instructions from the Doctor."

The group, signing themselves Guardians of the Planet Earth,
added: "For the safety of the human race we have disarmed and removed its destructive mechanism."

A police spokeswoman said: "The owners reported this morning thay had found what they are calling a ransom note, along with part of the Dalek.

"If it is a stunt there is an issue of wasting police time."

Wookey Hole manager Daniel Medley told BBC News: "The arm has been removed quite carefully, it hasn't been ripped off, there's no torture involved.

"So if we get the rest of the Dalek back, we should be able to put it back together like a jigsaw.

"The police think it was probably taken by kids or students, but there is also the idea that it could be heading to Edinburgh for the G8 protests."

The Dalek had been on display at the Bath and West Show and was in temporary storage at the Wookey Hole site when it was taken.

It is believed to be worth thousands of pounds, and Wookey Hole's owners have offered a £500 reward for the model's return.

Former Dr Who actor Colin Baker has been in touch with staff at the attraction, and may be asked to send a message to the kidnappers.


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