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After last week’s crazy adventures in bus-land, today I decided to visit a church nearer to home.

There was one a mere 5 minutes’ walk away, that I didn’t even need to cross any roads to get to. Although I now live some 45 minutes drive away from my old digs on Queen Street, it was one that I had actually been to before.

It had been last Christmas Eve, whilst staying overnight with my friends Frank and Melva, that we had all attended the midnight service there together.

Today therefore I dropped into Cession at around 4:30, only to find that I had got the time wrong and was about an hour early.

“You’re welcome to just sit down and wait quietly,” someone kindly suggested.

“Actually I’d rather stand up and help with something.”

I must make a mental note to, in future, always turn up to any meeting of new people at least one full hour early. Usually I find it terribly hard to break into any group that has already gelled without me, but sharing an activity with someone almost always deals with this, even if it is only putting a load of tables and chairs out. By the time I walked into the service, I found I had quite a few choices of who to sit next to.

It was good to catch-up with Frank and Melva too. Despite all the new people I met today, I really no longer feel as though I’m new in New Zealand.

I know everyone here.


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