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As usual for the middle of September, I've just spent the weekend away with my mum, attending this year's annual conference of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

Lots of talks combined with plenty of scribbling have seen me return home with a mass of quotations and notes from what I heard.

Here are a few of them: (I hope I've attributed them accurately)

The Psychological Pain Of Abortion workshop:

"People who have mental health issues are encouraged to have abortions, although the evidence says that abortions increase mental health issues."

Maternal Mortality and Abortion in Developing Countries: The Need For A Pro-Life Response - Fiorella Nash, Political Researcher, SPUC:

"There are no instances in which a mother's life can only be saved by terminating her unborn child."

"Countries where abortion is illegal, such as Ireland and Malta, have the lowest maternal mortality rates."

"The population density of Europe is 134 people per square mile.
The population density of Britain is 634 people per square mile.
The population density of Africa is 66 people per square mile.
Children do not equal poverty.
The real reason for poverty is corrupt rulers, not a lack of birth control."

"The phrase 'last resort' is often used to justify a course of action which cannot be justified."

Launch of New SPUC Schools Talk - Michael Hill, Vice Chairman, SPUC and Eileen Brydon, Education Officer, SPUC:

"Surgical abortion is… [in England and Wales] more common than appendix or tonsil removal."

"Babies born before 24 weeks often survive."

"Babies are often killed before induced stillbirth to prevent their crying."

"Abortion didn't end my pain, it began it."

"We are not wired to abort our children."

"Children and young people are naturally pro-life."

Workshop: Euthanasia / Assisted Suicide - What Is Our Response? :

"'Assisted suicide' is an oxymoron." (I recall that I paraphrased this)

"So is 'physician-assisted suicide'."

"Once you start looking at killing as a means to solve problems then you'll find more and more problems where killing can be the solution."

"You don't push a suicide over a bridge, the right thing to do is to talk them down, everyone agrees on this."

"The law does not say that we have a right to commit suicide."


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