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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Our current series at cession | community church is entitled "Get Better Work Stories". That may sound like it's been copied from the NZ Police's never-ending recruitment campaign, but in fairness I think the cops in turn had stolen it from the title of Howick Community Church's sermon this morning.

Anyhew, today I was asked to reprise the 'boss' character from our similarly-themed 2007 series 'Ministry Of Works'. Not for a sketch this time though, but to read-out the church's notices. (called 'community life') At least, I don't think the idea started out as a sketch…

(rest of the service here)

Click here for sketch 1 of 4
Click here for sketch 2 of 4
Click here for sketch 3 of 4
Click here for sketch 4 of 4

(with thanks to Paul)

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