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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

For the past few months I've been honoured to be the happy caretaker of my church's podcasting website.

I think it's been an exceptionally good matching of volunteer to responsibility. I say this because, for its two-year life under Paul prior to my involvement, I've probably been its biggest user.

Having downloaded and listened through to every single sermon that he's put up, inevitably I've developed a few ideas on ways in which I think it could get even better. For example, I've tried augmenting the principal MP3 file with other multimedia elements from the service, such as PowerPoint slides, and short videos. Paul tells me he approves - whew!

I also simply enjoy handling recordings - I love preserving them and magnifying their audience. It's always bugged me that cession's services often contain the seeds of so much quality teaching, which afterwards cease to keep sowing.

Tonight I published my final one, at least for a while, and was pleased to get Brett's message on the air the same evening as it had actually been preached.

The main lesson that I've learnt? It's nowhere near as quick to do as it looks. (or sounds)

Paul, I have renewed respect for you and what you do.

Oh, and in case I never mentioned it before over the last two years… THANKS!


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