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Having left it five years between the first two movies in this series, I've left it more like six months before viewing this third chapter.

All part of my plan. When I watched the second one on my flight from London to Auckland, I made a mental note to watch the next one on the return leg.

And as I find tends to be the case with threequels, I thought this was the best of the series.

It was fun, I followed the story, and even a miserable character like Eustace is realised by Will Poulter as someone to rely upon for enjoyment. Basically, he's a young Arnold Rimmer.

My memory of the preceding movie is fuzzy. I recall that there was a character called Caspian in that, although I can't say that I recognise him here. Simon Pegg's talking mouse is fun too, but again, I have next to no recollection of the character appearing before.

All in all, a fair way to spend two hours, especially when you have 28 others to get through before London.

(available here)
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(review of Prince Caspian here)

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