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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

In 2006 I will clock up 2 years in this country, so the Department Of Immigration recently asked me to have a full medical check-up.

Hence, last Monday was therefore full of reliving my whole medical history of having a broken mirror slash my leg open at 7, a lawnmower break my arm at 11, a car run me down at 16 etc etc. Ah yes, West Middlesex Hospital. I liked going to the theatre there. I always left in stitches.

Today I also had a blood-test, a blood-pressure test, a urine test, and one of those reflex tests where the doctor whacks your knee with a hammer. Oh, and I had an x-ray.

Steve Goble - The Inside Story
Fortunately, in the doctor’s own summary comments, I’m “NORMAL – FIT MAN.” Well, thank goodness I passed those 3.


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