Steve Goble

Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Tonight was the last church cell-group meeting before Christmas, so Nev handed round sheets of paper with everyone’s name on, for us all to write encouraging messages to each other on.

Here’s mine: (with names removed)
Steve - Merry Christmas brother!!  Heres to the unknown & plans the Father has for you for 2006.  Keep speaking out the word of God & claiming his promises over your life.  You are a good man with so much to offer.  Keep laughing and enjoying the little things.  :)  I've often liked how you perceive things and give other objective views on topics.  You are very thoughtful and encouraging.  Thanx bro.  Hey Steve, keep holding onto God & seeking after him.  There is so much in this journey he has us on.  May your journey be a rich one full of God's work.  Thanks for adding your depth of thought, reflections on life and your priceless sense of humour!  The 'Star Wars' stuff has been a great surprise for myself & others to enjoy.  I'm so pleased you are back again - and I'm sure it'll all keep working out for you.  New Zealand is lucky to have you.  Walk by faith...


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