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6 months ago I promised fellow Brit Karen I’d come horseriding on the farm where she works.

Instead, I travelled as far in the opposite direction as it’s humanly possible to go.

But that’s the thing about the Earth being round – you run away too far and you wind up back where you started.

Shiloh (pronounced "Shy-lowe") Farm is a Christian-run horseriding stable up in Warkworth. For only $30 they take you out trekking, and even teach you a bit to speak a bit of horse. They speak with their ears, apparently.

Karen: "If they're pointing forward, then it's a happy horse. If they're in the middle, then they're listening to something. And if they're pointing back and flattened then you're in trouble."

Yeah, we used to have a cat who used the same system. Instead of $30 though, he would charge blood.

Talk about learning on the hoof.

I had a wonderful time, in some beautiful surroundings, and would love to do it again.

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