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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

My old shoes quite literally fell apart recently, so Korean Sam kindly shouted me a new pair.

Alas, despite a lifetime of experience that has taught me to buy a size too big, I gullibly accepted the shop-assistant’s assertion that I needed a pair that actually fitted, and left the shop to embark upon a new life of taking more confident and definite steps to wherever I was going.

So today I took them for a walk to the Ellerslie Flower Show (bizarrely, a trade-expo in Manurewa). There were heaps of companies plugging all manner of garden paraphernalia, and even the sun decided to visit in force, beating down with all the enthusiasm of a rich philanthropist.
Here I am in a low allergy garden designed by Lucy Lee, 10-year-old winner of the Flixonase Secondary Schools Low Allergy Garden Competition.

Afterwards it was to the bus stop to try and figure out a route home. There I met a Mormon, who I lent my mobile phone to to call Rideline. As seems to be standard procedure with Rideline calls, we quickly worked out afterwards a much quicker route to our respective homes.

However as my bus pulled into Botany shopping centre, I was becoming increasingly troubled by my shoes. In retrospect, I realise that all that walking about in the sunshine must have caused my feet to swell a bit.

Eventually I took them off, before also peeling away my socks to discover that one had been cutting right into my heel.

By the time I got home, I was limping quite seriously.

“Oh well,” I thought, (cringe now) “that’s shoebusiness.”


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