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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

I kid you not – there really is a place on this planet called “Sheep World.”

And indeed, it is a whole world of sheep. There are sheep-shearing demonstrations, sheep memorabilia for sale, the Black Sheep café, even the animals are sheep.

As a result I spent a great afternoon seeing all kinds of animals, and I even got to feed some of them!

Galling story of the day though, would have to be hearing how the poor sheepdog had been brainwashed into just wanting to chase sheep all its life.

Sometimes I hear Christians insisting how in Genesis 1, God gave man authority over the animal kingdom, so it’s okay to squash bugs, experiment on mice and pull the legs off of spiders. Yes, I eat meat too, but hopefully in some sort of humility. There’s no way I’m turning that permission into a God complex.

I highly recommend Sheep World for a great day out, but use that insect repellent. Link, with video:


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