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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Had an interview with Dr Tony at a local Bible School.
Fig 1: Dr. Tony.

Tony is a medical doctor as well as a Bible teacher.

I told him that I just wasn't sure whether God wanted me to enroll. One thing in my future is certain, but until then, it's hard to know what else to go for. Did Jesus go through this? He knew how his ministry would end, but before 30, did He wonder whether He should stick with carpentry, or jack it all in to try plumbing? Does God want me to go to Bible college?

I found a book in the kitchen library at the youth hostel recently. It said that when we talk about God's will, we usually mean 1 of 3 things:

1. God's moral will - is it right or wrong?

2. God's sovereign will - his will over everything, e.g. atoms, dinosaurs and grains of sand on planets on the other side of the universe.

3. God's will for me personally - His plan for my life.

We can usually tell whether a decision is within God's moral will. There's nothing wrong with my going to Bible college.

Neither are we generally fussed about God's sovereign will. Que sera sera - whatever will be will be.

God's will for us personally however, that's the one we get wound-up about. Does God actually want me to go to Bible college?

If He does want me to go, then he should tell me somehow. But perhaps He stays quiet, because He knows that I will go anyway. Or perhaps He stays quiet because He knows that I won't go anyway. DARRRRGGHHH!!!

Dr Tony offered me a place at the college in principle. I told him, like a typical Christian, that I would have to go away and pray about it.

I have a gift for indecisive procrastination.


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