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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Went to another PACT (Prayer and Action Changes Things) meeting tonight, where we prayed and wrote Christmas cards of support to persecuted individuals around the world.

Some are in prison for their beliefs, others are fighting for justice, still others are simply trying to rebuild their devastated lives.

As I leafed through the options, I found that it was those in prison to whom I felt drawn to offer some encouragement.

"Filep Karma, a civil servant in West Papua, was charged with treason and rebellion after raising the 'Morning Star' flag to commemorate West Papua's independence. He has now served seven years of the fifteen-year prison sentence he was given. At the trial, the chief judge mocked him and his Christian faith, saying 'Where is your God. I don't see your God here.'"

"Sentenced to death in 2002, for blasphemy against the prophet Mohammed, Kingri is still in prison eight years later, pending appeal."

"Between 2,000 and 3,000 Christians are currently detained without charge or trial in Eritrea."

From inside a cell, it must seem insane that not very far away everyone is allowed to believe whatever they like and go for a walk in the sunshine. But for the frustrating detail of geography, so much could be okay again. As I prayed at the end of the evening, I found I was getting a bit angry about it. Well, merely annoyed really.

What we will do to someone, because of a theory.


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