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After the evening we spent last January watching a touristy VHS tape entitled New Zealand - Kiwi Country, I knew exactly what I wanted to buy David as a souvenir from my latest trip down under.

Obviously, a DVD along similar lines. Hence on my way back home through Auckland Airport recently, I paused in a shop to select a good one, checked the region coding, paid my money, and headed on through security to pick it up from the duty-free area.

Today however I noticed the price-tag - about a quarter of the one on David's old VHS. Suddenly I found I was doubting that we would find another full hour's worth of material on here.

In the event, once David had introduced his DVD player to his new TV and successfully got them both talking to each other, I think we got a full six minutes of footage out of it. Well actually we got twelve - it was such a great home movie that we watched it twice!

It's really just a montage of brief shots of the highlights of South Island, smoothed along by some appropriately mellow instrumentals.

I still haven't actually set foot on SI, though beauty spots like Lake Tekapo were on my itinerary even back on my first visit to NZ in Feb '04, so the absolutely gorgeous shots on this disc sure felt like they brought me a bit nearer.


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