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I guess it's been the series when Torchwood finally began to catch up with the rest of the genre.

The TV series got flooded by America, and was enormously improved for it. The influx of a team of writers to brainstorm and moderate each other resulted in - unusually for Torchwood - a series that had been thought about. I really enjoyed most of the first six TV episodes this year, which won me over from the initial ickiness that I felt at sitting down to have to watch another ten hours of this spin-off. (not that I can blame anyone else for my own choices) Sure, there was still some swearing and porn in there, but in the other scenes there was actually something to get my brain into.

The radio episodes continued. Something of a hit and miss affair, but scheduled for afternoon transmission, they too bucked the original TV series and avoided offending anyone.

And the animated cut-scenes in the online game Web Of Lies. They featured a lot of guns being toted, but really not much actual violence.

Most of the time this year, Torchwood was mostly okay. At best brilliant, at worst awful. But most of the time at least okay.

If I'm honest, I'm still quietly hoping that that's the end of it though. It's just not anything like that nice Doctor Who programme.

Which after four seasons is still the only reason why I'm watching.

The Devil And Miss Carew
The House Of The Dead
Miracle Day
Web Of Lies

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