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With Doctor Who's recent proliferation of prequels, deleted scenes, mini-episodes, minisodes, TARDISodes, webisodes, apocryphodes, and/or pleasemakethemallstopnowMichaelGradewasrightisodes, this spectacular minute-long trailer from last year takes on a new status.

Granted it's a bit nonsensical, but then so was The Big Bang. Nonetheless, it is a story with a beginning, a middle and an end, although apparently no solution.

The Doctor and Amy (it was shown out-of-sequence before season 31) are stargazing, when the ground beneath them explodes, and they tumble through some sort of whirlwind, spotting various foes from the same season as they go. At one point they get separated, but then find each other again. And then they're back stargazing once more.

Since there's no explanation for how they return to their position of safety, it seems as though the whole sequence is some kind of trippy flash forward, and/or flash back. In fact it makes most sense as an encounter with the crack in the universe.

The questions the two have for each other imply that it's early days for the pair, suggesting the former. However, the implication that their enemies have been wiped from history prevents their later encountering them, so I'd err on the side of latter, obviously before Amy's marriage to Rory.

In fact, it's the Doctor's final question that perhaps holds the greatest insight:

"All of time and space. Everywhere and anywhere. Every star that ever was. Where do you wanna start?"

This would run smoothly into the beginning of The Pandorica Opens, when he is taking Amy to see the oldest message in the universe, so that's where I'm placing it.

Stylish. Be nice to see an episode directed like this.

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